Your Listening to Chain Gang On The Road.
By Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Mark Hitt, Steve Luongo
Produced by Steve Luongo
Bitsa Music ASCAP 2007


AC / DC bassist Cliff Williams and former John Entwistle Band drummer Steve Luongo met at a hurricane relief concert produced by the John Entwistle Foundation in 2005. The year that followed found Cliff and Steve jamming together when the opportunity arose. In 2007 they were joined in the studio by guitar virtuoso Mark Hitt and AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson for a bit of fun. In the months that followed this group of musicians did what all musicians do. They wrote and recorded music together. In the spring of 2007 Cliff and Brian agreed to lend their talents to a fund raising tour dubbed Classic Rock Cares. The proceeds from the tour will go to the foundation.s primary mission of free music education and instruments for children in need. It was decided that in addition to their AC/DC hits Cliff and Brian would perform some new material as well. Chain Gang On The Road is a sample of what people heard in addition to the AC/DC hits.

Please check back here often for up to date information about the foundation's upcoming events. Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you again on our next tour. The John Entwistle Foundation


Classic Rock Cares / NEW EVENT
Bitsa Talent presents "Classic Rock Cares" a concert & event series benefiting The John Entwistle Foundation.


The Classic Rock Cares Art and Memorabilia show is a fund raising effort by the John Entwistle Foundation set to open on July 17th at The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, 2301 First St. in downtown Ft Myers.  The event is centered around the gallery art and rare personal items of the late John Entwistle, bass guitarist for The Who. 

The show will also include collectables and signed memorabilia from other classic rockers including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and others coupled with a huge display of authentic vintage concert posters valued at over $1,000,000.00.  Though Entwistle is best known as the bass guitarist for The Who he was also a prolific artist who created pen and ink drawings of other rock stars.  Many of Entwistle’s drawings and personal items were donated to the foundation by John’s estate.  The personal items on display will include Entwistle’s well known Onyx and Ruby “Boris The Spider” necklace which can be spotted in most photos of the rocker from the 70s forward. 

The event will feature John’s hand written lyrics for The Who, personal diaries from Woodstock 1969, unpublished book chapters, packing lists and itineraries from several tours withThe Who. The highlight of the show will be John Entwistle’s one of a kind prototype graphite Buzzard Bass built from his original design. John played this bass on stage with The Who and it is well documented in pictures and DVDs. The guitar’s estimated value is close to half a million dollars.  There will be video presentations throughout the gallery and live music performed outside. The street directly in front of the gallery will be closed for the event. Steve Luongo & friends will perform at the Sunday VIP event.  Luongo was Entwistle’s drummer/producer for 15 years. The two musicians were the best of friends.  It was Steve who read the eulogy at the rock legend’s memorial service in London. Luongo now serves as the foundation’s executive director.  “We are blending together the feel of a night club, an art gallery, a bistro and a rock festival with a collectable auction thrown in.”  Luongo says of the event. The show will debut at The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center on Friday July 17th and run through the weekend. It will close with an exclusive VIP event Sunday evening. 

The John Entwistle Foundation provides free and easy access to musical instruments and education for children in need through public libraries and children’s hospitals. Last year the foundation opened two new music therapy rooms in SW Florida hospitals named for the singer and bass player of the rock group AC/DC. Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams toured in 2007 with Luongo and guitarist Mark Hitt to support the foundation. The Cliff Williams room is in the children hospital at Health Park in Ft. Myers. The Brian Johnson room is in the children’s oncology unit at the Sarasota Memorial hospital.


For more information:               

John Entwistle Foundation 239.482.6880
Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center 2301 First St. in Downtown Ft Myers 239.333.1933


Thank you for your continued support.





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