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Founder and Executive Director
Steve Luongo


Board of Directors
Dr. Bruce Bumstead
Dr. James Huysman
Stefani Kelly
Laurie Luongo


Consultants for the estate
Chris Entwistle


Advisory Board Members
Peter Frampton
Peter Jacobsen
Glenn Anderson
Chris Stamp
John Shiely
Doug Flutie
Roger Glover
Leslie West
Melissa Marsala
Derik Fay
Martha Quinn
Johan Kriek
Irwin Menken
Glenn Aveni
Danny Socolof        
Jim Roberts
Mark Gooday
Robin Zander
Mark Farner
Eddie Money
Joe Lynn Turner
Steve Cristalidi
Cliff Williams
Brian Johnson

Event Coordinators - Fundraisers / Volunteers
Mike Bisch / The Who Show
Donald Marriott
Frank & Maureen Fraietta
"TV" John LaTerra
Michael DePalma
Derik Fay
Mark Hitt
Brandon Dufour
Jud Patterson
Chris Peck
96 K-Rock.
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Dawn Young
Billy "The Biker" Bennett
Kitty Scott
Joe Marazzi Jr.
Guy Linville
Lisa Miller
Mike "Zo" Rizzo
Pat Castaldo
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John Entwistle

John Entwistle was born October 9, 1944 in war torn London.  He rose to rock & roll stardom during the "British Invasion" of the 1960s with the UK rock group The Who. The music of The Who became the soundtrack of our lives and it was John Entwistle that created the resonant low end of that soundtrack.  From his innovations with round wound bass strings to his soaring bass riffs and signature sound he changed the face of the electric bass forever.  "John did for the bass what Jimi Hendrix did for the guitar." John Entwistle is considered by many to be the best bass guitarist that ever lived.  Almost everyone that met John loved him and he was respected by his peers.Tragically, John died of a heart attack on June 27, 2002 at the age of 57 on the eve of a major US tour with The Who.

During his life John used his immense celebrity to help raise millions and millions of dollars to help others that were less fortunate.  His charitable work with The Who, his solo band and as an individual was a shining example of someone who recognized their own good fortune and was willing to share it with others.  He also shared his love of music freely with younger musicians and he was an inspiration to them.

John is gone now but it is our desire to carry on his charitable work by developing programs designed to help children in need pursue their interest in playing music. We will continue to develop the skills and talents of those who might otherwise not get the chance. At the same time we will be preserving the legacy of John Entwistle and the idea that blazing your own path can be very rewarding.

















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