Founder and Executive Director
Steve Luongo


Board of Directors
Dr. Bruce Bumstead
Dr. James Huysman
Stefani Kelly
Laurie Luongo


Consultants for the estate
Chris Entwistle


Advisory Board Members
Peter Frampton
Peter Jacobsen
Glenn Anderson
Chris Stamp
John Shiely
Doug Flutie
Roger Glover
Leslie West
Melissa Marsala
Derik Fay
Martha Quinn
Johan Kriek
Irwin Menken
Glenn Aveni
Danny Socolof        
Jim Roberts
Mark Gooday
Robin Zander
Mark Farner
Eddie Money
Joe Lynn Turner
Steve Cristalidi
Cliff Williams
Brian Johnson

Event Coordinators - Fundraisers / Volunteers
Mike Bisch / The Who Show
Donald Marriott
Frank & Maureen Fraietta
"TV" John LaTerra
Michael DePalma
Derik Fay
Mark Hitt
Brandon Dufour
Jud Patterson
Chris Peck
96 K-Rock.
Ft. Myers Toyota
Dawn Young
Billy "The Biker" Bennett
Kitty Scott
Joe Marazzi Jr.
Guy Linville
Lisa Miller
Mike "Zo" Rizzo
Pat Castaldo
Sutherlin Nissan
Elvis Wayne
Porsche of Naples
Carolyn C. Rogers, APR, CFR
Classic Rock 94.5
Stephanie Durham
Jason’s Deli




About Us

Thank you for visiting The John Entwistle Foundation home page.
Our primary mission is music education for underserved children. However, we have also done quite a bit for disaster relief as well. We feel, as John Entwistle did, that if we can help we should. Whenever we have chosen to get involved with various fund raising efforts beyond our own mission it was simply because that’s what John would have done.

We at John Entwistle Foundation strive to make music education affordable to all children regardless of their financial and social background. All our efforts are directed to help younger generations in need to become more well-rounded and intellectual personalities through offering them free-of-charge musical classes, organizing events for them, and urging them to participate in music competitions. 

We believe that all children need music education for their personal growth. Thus, we help them to develop their reading, writing, and reasoning skills from the musical perspective. At our Foundation, we finance personal tutors for the children who teach them essays and papers writing to meet national standards for music education. With their efforts, students of underserved backgrounds get a chance to improve the necessary skills for entering colleges. After the training, they can write the importance of music education essay, personal statements, and research papers on music.

To become a recipient of our assistance and start working closely with our tutors, students need to register on our website or contact us for help. Once we reach out back to you, you will be asked to fill out an application to be chosen as our support recipient. We will review as soon as possible and inform you about the outcome.

If we consider you eligible for our college essay writing service, you will need to register on the service website to reach out to the tutors and essay writers. If you have a particular request, you have to make an order on the website (it will be financed by our Foundation). In the order form, you will need to indicate the paper details so that the writer could grasp what has to be done. After that, your writer will contact you if they need any clarifications. Once the paper is finished, you will be able to download it by the link in your email or on the order page in your profile.

2005 proved to be a year of tremendous growth for our foundation thanks to the generosity of our many friends and supporters. Our concerts, auctions and other fund raising efforts have insured our ability to provide music education as an alternative to other less desirable activities.

In addition our disaster relief concerts have helped countless people left homeless after the devastating storms of 2004-2005. You can be sure that we will continue to help people in need whenever and wherever we can.

2007 proved to be our biggest year to date. We held an all-star concert to benefit 4 charities including The March Of Dimes, The Children’s Cancer Hospital and The Alliance of the Arts. We also completed our first national fund raising tour with Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Mark Farner, Joe Lynn Turner, Steve Luongo and Mark Hitt. You will find a complete list of past events and shows archived on this site. We also opened new programs and raised awareness about music education and its healing power.

2008 is shaping up to be another winner.  Our goal this year is to continue to open new programs and to expand our mission by including children’s hospitals as an additional delivery system.  This summer 2 new programs will open with several more in the works.   We will continue to seek out national partners in the music industry to aid in the delivery of free music education and instruments to children in need.

Please take some time and look around. Of course we welcome donations and we are equally happy to have people spread the word about The John Entwistle Foundation. Thanks again for visiting.
















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